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Relationships Under Construction Services and Service Area

During 2011-2012, Relationships Under Construction served 12,751 students
and 250 adults in several counties in
our 32 county area. Click on a
highlighted county below to read some selected quotes from that area.

Classroom Presentations – five sessions for each grade 6th – 12th grades
– National presenters including David Mahan, Rick and Barb Wise, Keith Deltano, Jeffrey Dean, Look Before You Leap and other speakers as available.
Parent Workshops
– with Rob Paugh or David Mahan
Community Seminars
– with various speakers
Curriculum Training including Relationships Under Construction
Mentoring Groups
Web sites
Community Events
– February 13, 2010 – Josh McDowell

Payment for services is appreciated. Donations are appreciated. RUC is funded by private donations, grants and organizations.

Classroom Presentations for 6th, 7th and 8th grades, and 9-12th grades. Guest Presenters (RUC teachers) are available for excellent classroom presentations that are parent approved, medically accurate, culturally sensitive and age appropriate to meet the needs of a diverse audience of adolescents, aged 12 through 18.

Guest presentations are adaptable to the classroom schedule. Topics covered include: character development, goal-setting, decision making, how to recognize healthy and unhealthy relationships, dating violence, the importance of marriage, fatherhood, motherhood and healthy family formation. RUC Intro.

Teacher seminars and staff in-services are exciting and share vital information for classroom teachers, nurses, guidance counselors and abstinence educators with the most current information, curriculum ideas, medically accurate statistics and effective techniques for reaching our young people and their parents.

Billboards with hard-hitting and thought provoking messages direct students, school staff, parents and the community to web sites which provide substantial interactive information about teen sexual activity and other risky behaviors.

Training for mentoring leaders and mentoring groups is also provided Relationships Under Construction. RUC collaborates with The National Family Life and Education Center to provide training for the Rites of Passage Program. This is a program students can be involved in for two years. RUC collaborated with Love and Life at the Movies which is a mentoring program using classic films to teach life skills. Mentoring groups can be offered after school or during school and are available for detention centers and community groups and schools.

Promotional items include pledge cards, pens, t-shirts and other items. These items are distributed in classrooms, assemblies and mentoring groups.

Resource are available in our E-Store to help teachers, parents and influencing adults.

Our websites: provides many resources for adults including statistics, evaluations, and links. provides a party atmosphere where participants can see the consequences of behavior through a variety of games, movies and resources including a special feature called Swat the Fly.

5.Service Area

Our Service Area

The Relationships Under Construction leadership (RUC) has over 30 years of experience teaching various abstinence 'til marriage programs in Ohio including in the late 1980s reaching 55 schools in Columbus, OH and Franklin County and assisting in the directing of the Ohio Abstinence Campaign and building abstinence programs in 35 Ohio counties. RUC materials and resources encourage healthy decision making about avoiding risky behaviors such as alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and sexual activity for young people.

RUC serves 30 counties in north, central and southern Ohio including direct service for these 23: Allen, Ashland, Auglaize, Coshocton, Crawford, Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Hardin, Knox, Licking, Madison, Marion, Mercer, Muskingum, Morrow, Perry, Pike, Richland, Seneca, Union, Van Wert, and Wyandot. RUC partners with providers in the following 7 counties: Ross, Pickaway, Pike, Lawrence, Highland, Morgan, Carroll. This makes a total of 30 counties.

Download a full-size map of the Relationships Under Construction service area.

Most of these counties have high teen pregnancy rates, teen abortion rates, STD cases and illegal drug and alcohol use.

Relationships Under Construction was previously called ATM Education and our evaluation shows much promise. Survey results indicate a high level of interest and desire to adapt to an abstinent lifestyle and prove that abstinence education works.

The Ohio Revised Code, Section 3313.6011and 3313.60 requires abstinence education be taught in all public schools in Ohio. RUC also meets the criteria for Title V Section 510 of the Welfare Reform Act of 1996.


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