RUC Presented Two Workshops at the Heartbeat International Conference

This Month , Relationships Under Construction presented two workshops at the Heartbeat International Conference in St. Louis, MO, April 8-10.  

The workshops are, "Envisioning Clients for Marriage,"  and "Removing the Masks of Relationships."  These workshops are designed to reach the pregnancy center clients with the truth about relationships and encourage them to find their way and help them understand relationships better.  

Many pregnancy center clients want marriage, but they often have not seen marriages work.  Giving them a vision for how marriage can work is a goal of pregnancy centers.  Helping them also understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships is key to assist clients who are in unhealthy relationships make better decisions. 

One mistake we often make in relationships is to think that our happiness comes from another person like a baby or a spouse.   Happiness comes from deep within our own souls.  

Relationships Under Construction's new curriculum , Building Smart Relationships, helps young people understand that marriage is about maturing into a better person, not just about finding happiness although that may be a fulfilling bi-product. 

St. Louis Arch as we Arrive for the Conference

New Look for RUC At the Heartbeat Conference

 International Attendees at the Heartbeat Conference  Catherine Wood Teaching at the Heartbeat ConferenceTalking with other Attendees about RUC 

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