Endorsements of Relationships Under Construction

"From my vantage point of working with thousands of youth from just about every race and background across the country, Relationships under Construction is without a doubt one of the most comprehensive positive youth development resources available. It is fun and interactive for kids, and user friendly enough for even the “greenest” of youth educators to implement."
- David Mahan, CEO, Frontline Youth Communications

"As a former Middle School Teacher and winner of the Teaching Excellence Award, I know this about 6th graders; they are a “tough sell”. Relationships Under Construction will not only keep their attention but equips them to make healthy decisions."
- Keith Deltano, Serious Comedy, Freedom Entertainment

"This is the best program I have seen in years! The presenters did an outstanding job in presenting the material so the students can understand it. They define and explain words that the students don’t know or understand. They bring materials to express role plays and show students through examples; (videos, slides etc.) I hope my students learn that STIs are serious and very contagious. That they will truly accept total saving sex and wait till marriage to bond forever. I would recommend this program to all high schools and junior or middle schools.”
- Christopher Cullen, Health Teacher, Plymouth HS, Ohio

"Relationships Under Construction is a great and powerful program. It makes students thinkabout their choices and how it will affect their personal goals. It is rather clear that abstinence is the perfect match for a healthy relationship, even though media portrays something else. We need more programs like RUC to get across the powerful message to our community that abstinence is the secret ingredient to a great recipe.”
- Meggan Hartzog, Health Teacher, Lima, Ohio

"RUC is practical and interactive. The sessions are lively and full of fun. It makes teaching and learning easy with its use of a variety of teaching aids, data based facts, and examples. Most importantly, RUC weaves character into healthy relationship and marriage education. The teenagers, beyond being personally convinced to choose a healthy lifestyle, are guided to acquire smart decision making skills. Parents and other youth educators are empowered with tools for educating the youth in human sexuality and love. RUC is an indispensable, flexible and adaptable resource for inspiring, strengthening and salvaging the Nigerian teenagers. Thank you Catherine Wood for generously lending force to giving our teenagers the right stuff the right way.”
- Ifeyinwa Awagu, Lagos, Nigeria

"Relationships Under Construction (RUC) is a well-designed curriculum for 6th-12th grades with a proven track record of statistically significant evaluation findings, making it evidenced-based. This is a timely updated and expanded curriculum which provides new exciting ways to reach teens with the message of a healthy lifestyle and is proven to be effective in urban, suburban and rural settings. RUC provides medically accurate curriculum that is practical and easy to use for the new or experienced teacher. I recommend it for use in middle and high schools everywhere.”
- Peggy Hartshorn Ph.D. President, Heartbeat International

"As a recognized expert on educational best-practices, curriculum design and development and a top national speaker on brain-based learning and healthy choices, I am very impressed with the Relationships Under Construction curriculum. Its solid incorporation of educational best practices and brain-based learning strategies through the use of interactive demonstrations and proven engagement methods helps to ensure that this outstanding program is highly effective in reaching teens!”
- Julie Laipply Carrier, Recognized expert in educational best-practices and award-winning speaker, author and role model for teens; President, Julie Speaks, Inc.

"Relationships Under Construction is a vital resource for us as we train, resource, and transform a society and country who has the highest numbers of STD/AIDS in Western and Central Eastern Europe. We are grateful to Catherine Wood who has given us rights to translate RUC into Russian and Ukrainian. It is rewarding to see students; teachers; and parents respond positively to messages of saving sex for marriage for the first time in their lives! Hope in Education is a nonprofit public organization (under the supervision of International Mission Board) created to reach Educators in public schools of the former Soviet Union.”
- Bonnie Hailey, Founder and Director; Anya Izyumtseva, President, Hope in Education, Kiev, Ukraine

"As the director of a national risk avoidance educational organization, I am always on the lookout for resources that connect with teens and help them say “YES” to their dreams and goals and “no” to destructive choices. “Relationships Under Construction” is right on target for connecting and equipping teens with relevant and medically accurate information that will empower them to successfully navigate today’s over sexualized culture.”
- Dan Bailey, Executive Director, Just Say YES - Youth

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