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Relationships Under Construction brochures and teacher aids

Relationships Under Construction, RUC, is written to be part of a positive youth development program that is multi-faceted. RUC can stand alone but is even more effective when a community-based plan is implemented. Just like a marketing plan would put in place different approaches for getting a message across, education must be diverse.

Classroom presentations, assemblies, web parties, materials, and curriculum can reach students in the schools but reaching the community is also necessary. Parent and community meetings, teacher training, teacher in-services, billboards, radio and television spots, internet web sites, newsletters, articles in newspapers, promos and a multitude of other approaches are important.

Below are resources designed to give parents and teachers a better understanding of the RUC Curriculum and its approach to whole person adolescent youth development.


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RUC Brochure PDFRUC Brochure
A Relationship Risk Avoidance Curriculum for Whole Person Adolescent Health of Middle & High School Students.

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