Movies And Music


Don't Be a PuppetarrowDon't Be A Puppet... Take Control.

This is the Winning PSA from Film Camp, sponsored by The Ridge Project. Watch it here on YouTube!

Play STD VisionarrowSTD Vision

What does someone with an STD look like? Unfortunately, it’s not usually as plain as the sores on the face. Watch how this video humorously points to some signs you can look for.

Play Hippie MoviearrowHippie Movie

With rising unwanted pregnancies and millions of STD infections happening every year, An old hippie from the 60’s comes back to tell us that free love isn’t exactly free.

Play ToothbrusharrowToothbrush

This student-made video from our friends at The Ridge Project is a great way of thinking about what really happens when you have sex with multiple partners.

Play Animal InstinctsarrowAnimal Instincts

Another student-made video from our friends at The Ridge Project... This video is a 30-second PSA with a message urging teens to use self control when dealing with sexual urges and pressures.

Play Fire is Safe... arrowFire is Safe...

David Mahan has been delivering inspired messages to teens and adults for several years and this is one of our all-time favorites. David uses humor effectively to communicate a very basic truth.

Play Paper DollsarrowPaper Dolls

This PSA shows how STDs infect millions of teens each year. We use a metaphor with a very familiar craft activity that almost everyone can relate to.

Play It's an ActarrowIt’s an Act

This spoken word piece, produced by Frontline Youth Communications, is a chilling snapshot of the thoughts inside a manipulator’s head. The raw language is as honest as it is thought-provoking.


Music That Moves

Hot beats and positive lyrics, “Music That Moves” is the premier soundtrack used in our RUC Curriculum.