Family Learning Activities


Play Spin the ConearrowSpin the cone and proceed with care!

We teach that there are eight steps that lead to sexual intercourse. Spin the wheel and put the pieces where you think they should be. This game is a great discussion starter when played with several students. Enjoy!

Play STD QuizarrowSTD Quiz

This is a very challenging quiz. You only have 10 seconds to answer the questions, so think fast! Group play is encouraged.

Play Male Anatomy QuizarrowThe male reproductive system

We spend time on the human reproductive systems to ensure that students can be introduced to and use an accurate vocabulary when talking about STDs, pregnancy, and sexual intercourse. Hopefully, this is a “refresher” for older students.

Play Female Anatomy QuizarrowThe female reproductive system

The female reproductive system has become a hot topic in the news with HPV and cervical cancer statistics. Our curriculum opens the door for discussion and students often ask good questions based off the news they hear.

Play RUC HangmanarrowRUC Hangman

Our PowerPoint slides, posters, classroom material, and teachers have an abundance of memorable quotes, quips, and wisdom. We have shared a few of them in this addictive little Hangman game.

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