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For Parents

Parenting is the hardest job you will ever have. There is no greater responsibility than to try to help your child navigate life in a successful way. We all feel inadequate—most of us fail to plan, and then wonder why our efforts often fail.
We all wished we would have done things differently in some area. By the time we have grandchildren, we more fully realize the value of children. We also realize that our time with our own children was very short.
Mother Helps Teenage Daughter With Homew
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Relationships Under Construction is here to tell you that it is never too late to mend a relationship. Your children long for you to talk to them, to encourage them, and tell them that they can succeed. Be bold and learn to love in a brave bold way where you provide for your children what you may have wished for – unconditional love – where you are always accepted and loved even when you fail. Where someone extends a helping hand to brush you off and encourage you to be brave and try again. You don’t have to BE the best, but you are encouraged to DO your best, because someone cares for you. Competition is only with yourself—to be the best that you can be.

Relationships Under Construction’s mission is to teach youth the blueprint for strong future families. None of us can change where we came from or how we got here, but we can decide what kind of life we want for our own children and fight to help them succeed. RUC desires to come along side parents and tell students what the majority of parents want students to hear – you can make good decisions and you can be successful. You can have good relationships.

RUC wants students to share what they learn with their parents. RUC provides worksheets designed for students to share with their families. Please take time to look over the worksheets with your student and share in what they are learning. 

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