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Relationships Under Construction is honored to provide quality programing in the area of whole person health so that students can obtain information, process, and mature in all of their educational adventures. RUC’s mission is to teach youth the blueprint for strong future families. RUC brings parents and teachers together to provide students clear direction for a successful life.
Relationships Under Construction teaches the Life Success Sequence Model of encouraging young people to get their education, obtain a full time job, get married and then have children. This model is proven to launch students to success in their adult life.
Young Teacher

Success begets further success. Children who are successful at each life stage from early childhood to young adulthood are much more likely to achieve the American Dream. The proportion of children who successfully navigate through adolescence is strikingly low: only 57%. We can do better in America if we realize the root of the problem is healthy family formation. Many teachers realize the need, but can only speak into the lives of those sitting in front of them.

It is never too late to intervene – people who succeed in their twenties, despite earlier struggles, still have a good chance of making it to the middle class in America. Relationships Under Construction and Constructing Safe Relationships give students a new outlook on life, by helping them see it is not too late for them. There is always hope when you know WHY you are making certain decisions. Avoiding risky behavior and developing healthy, realistic goals sets students on a path for success. 

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