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About Us

What brings you happiness? Most of us have a deep longing in the very depths of our beings as humans, to be part of a loving family. It is obvious in children who do not feel they have a complete loving family. They long for a father, a mother, and siblings. A family helps us learn how to live. It helps us learn who we are and often why we are here.

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A family is designed to give us roots and wings so we can take flight at just the right time, and establish families of our own. Families can research their heritage and gain purpose and security. We can trace our family’s route to get to this time and place.


Without this support, human beings often flail and flounder and spend their time searching for significance. Children who do not have the support and direction of family often choose to cover their pain with a variety of risky behaviors.

Program Values
  • We believe in the integrity of youth and their ability to make healthy decisions when equipped with the right information.

  • We believe in laying the foundation for a future that can include a healthy marriage and strong family relationships.

  • We acknowledge behaviors have consequences, so we encourage healthy decisionmaking, individual responsibility and relationship education.

  • We believe in the joy of sexual intimacy. We treat sexual intimacy with respect, understanding that it is best enjoyed in its perfect time and place within marriage.

  • We believe in respect for self and others.

  • We value life and believe in the pursuit of truth.

  • We believe that the whole person is composed of moral, physical, emotional, intellectual, and social elements.

Our Staff

Our Teachers

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