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Teacher Assisting a Student


While every gift is much appreciated, it is the strength of recurring monthly electronic giving that blesses us most. Please consider partnering with us.

You may call us anytime to change your gift. Every $2 is one more student impacted with the truth about relationships and marriage.

RUC receives 100% of credit card donations. RUC is charged a fee for debit cards. We also accept mailed checks.

It is our desire that our campaign, “Spreading hope through Healthy Relationship Education” will raise money for school supplies for 15,000 students. Those supplies @ $2/student will assist our instructors in teaching the RUC curriculum.

Even though our budget for 2020-2021 has been cut, our instructors are still teaching! Now more than ever, we need to replenish supplies for students including worksheets, pencils, brochures, cards, bookmarks and stickers to name a few. Will you support us and help “Spread hope through Healthy Relationship Education” during “Giving Tuesday”?

How many students can you help? $2.00 provides supplies for one student. $50 provides supplies for a classroom.

Please help RUC by sharing this opportunity with your friends via email and social media!


Here are a few comments from the students that we reach endorsing our program.


  • An 8th grade male wrote, "I learned about building good relationships and what abusive relationships look like. RUC gives us a guide on how to live your life safe."

  • A 7th grade female wrote, "I think RUC was amazingly good, and I want to miss the mess."

  • A 7th grade female wrote, "I learned that I deserve a better relationship than the one I am in now. I learned that I can start over, and I am worth waiting for. I want to wait to have sex until marriage."

  • Kimmy, an 8th grader wrote, "I learned how to spot an abusive relationship, all about STDs, and to wait until marriage for sex. I think the presentation was worth every student's time."

  • A 10th grade female wrote, "I really enjoyed learning about RUC and I think that RUC should be taught to everyone. Everything I learned this week really helped me decide to wait to be involved in sexual activity. I want to encourage others to do the same and help educate them. Thank you!"

  • A 7th grade male wrote, "I liked that this program was straight forward. I learned you can get an STD even if you are dating the same gender. I also learned that no has a perfect relationship and that healthy relationships take a lot of work."

  • An 8th grade male wrote, "I think the presentation was a wake-up call for immature kids having premature sex."

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