RUC Online Courses

RUC desires optimal whole person health for every student and we are proud to offer one more tool for this generation to achieve just that with our new RUC Online Curriculum! 


What will students learn from this course?

Our online lessons are filled with relevant and current information on topics that matter to students.  They are short in length, but jam packed with informative takes on topics that each of them might deal with like, healthy relationships, teen pregnancies, STD’s and more.  

What Should Students Expect?


Many of these topics are difficult to discuss with parents or teachers, but these lessons can be a great start.  They are certainly not exhaustive in their information, but are a fantastic jumping off point.  The lessons can be follow up lessons for RUC program in-person classes, or can be used as stand alone starters.  They can be helpful to students, teachers, and parents.  


What should students NOT Expect?


Our lessons are certainly not exhaustive in their information. They are concise and supplemental to our main classroom curriculum.

Who are These Courses Designed For?

RUC Online classes were designed for middle school or high school students. Regardless of their previous encounters with RUC, these lessons offer life changing information that leads to optimal whole person health.  The lessons can be follow up lessons for RUC program in-person classes, or can.

  • 2+ hours of self-paced video lessons

  • Mobile and tablet friendly access

  • Class chat forums

  • Learn to build Healthy Relationships!

Relationships Under Construction partners with teens to guide them in character development for strong and healthy futures with those around them.








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