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Join us for the 2024 RUC Fundraising Banquet!

Updated: Mar 5

Join Relationships Under Construction for a wonderful evening, Tuesday, April 9th, beginning at 5:30 pm. This banquet is RUC’s fundraising event to support our work educating middle and high school students in public and private schools about the importance of healthy relationships for strong future families. We find students are very desperate for RUC’s message of hope, especially in light of the traumatic years and confusion many of them have experienced. RUC helps young people find hope and purpose for their lives. RUC receives limited funding from state and federal grants, but there are so many more students to serve.

Invest in RUC to reach more students locally, nationally, and internationally with the truth. RUC Wants STRONG FAMILIES FOR EVERYONE!

Seating is limited! Adults only, please.

We will be presenting the "Tomorrow Show" and comedy during our event as well as inspirational information. You are invited! Come join us and REGISTER TODAY!

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