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Letter of Support Sample

Thank you for providing a letter of support. (Please copy this letter or write your own letter on your LETTERHEAD). We appreciate letters from parents, community members, schools, organizations, businesses, legislators. Scan and email in color to . This letter is just a sample for you to use and adjust, as you would like. Thank you!

Please delete these instructions before sending.



PO Box 985

Sunbury, Ohio 43074

Dear Funder:

I am writing to express my support for the Ohio Adolescent Health Centers Project (OAHCP) under the direction of the applicant/fiscal agent Relationships Under Construction for the Sexual Risk Avoidance Program. The OAHCP is a statewide network of experienced providers of Positive Youth Development programs, which include sexual risk avoidance education.  Relationships Under Construction is a collaborative partner of OAHCP.

OAHCP provides healthy relationship education focusing on sexual risk avoidance and other adolescent risk behaviors including alcohol and other drug use, dating violence, and the perils of human trafficking. OAHCP addresses the increased likelihood of avoiding poverty when youth implement the “success sequence” by achieving three norms in sequence: complete high school, secure a full time job, wait until at least 21 years of age to marry, and then have children.

OAHCP is a state project, which annually serves approximately 80,000 students. The need is great in all of the areas OAHCP serves. Schools and community have benefitted greatly from these services. The teen pregnancy rates have decreased over 50% since 1990 saving Ohio taxpayers millions of dollars.

Our children need consistent risk avoidance and healthy relationship education as they navigate through all of the pressures youth face today. The OAHCP with their collective numerous years of experience in serving Ohio’s youth with measurable positive outcomes and longstanding statewide network is uniquely qualified to be the vehicle for effective statewide delivery of healthy relationship and risk avoidance education. In addition to providing, much needed funding to local programs, the OAHCP offers professional and parent education. The OAHCP State Conference is September 17, 2018 with more information available on

I strongly urge you to approve funding for the applicant/fiscal agent Relationships Under Construction for the OAHCP through grants funding Sexual Risk Avoidance Programs.


Sign in blue ink – signatures can be electronic but must be blue ink

(Insert Name, Title,



City, State, Zip

Ohio County)

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