Overview: Relationships Under Construction Curriculum

Relationships Under Construction, RUC, is written to be part of a community-based abstinence program that is multi-faceted.  RUC can stand alone but is even more effective when a community-based plan isimplemented.  Just like a marketing plan would put in place different approaches for getting a message across, abstinence education must be diverse.  Classroom presentations, assemblies, web parties, materials, and curriculum can reach students in the schools but reaching the community is also necessary.  Parent and community meetings, teacher training, teacher in-services, billboards, radio and television spots, internet web sites, newsletters, articles in newspapers, promos and a multitude of other approaches are important.

Relationships Under Construction is written to build a student’s knowledge and information base each year.  Each grade level can stand alone but it is meant to build upon the previous year.  Relationships Under Construction provides the best results when all levels, grades 6-12, are implemented in each school..

Evaluation for ATM Education and Central Ohio AEN is provided through the Applied Research Center at Miami University in Middletown, Ohio.  A universal classroom evaluation, assembly evaluation and professional seminar evaluation is included in this curriculum.  All components of this evaluation have been well-tested and are continuing to produce data that proves abstinence until marriage education works.  By using this curriculum, you can implement the universal evaluation tools which have been designed to test the Title V, Section 510 criteria, A-H and be assured you will have excellent evaluation results. 

Each lesson in Relationships Under Construction is designed to cover a 45 minute classroom period.  There is more than enough information for each day which allows the abstinence provider to choose what will best fit the class and the school in which they are teaching.  It also allows some material to be available to be used in a mentoring situation where you may see some of the same students and could continue more of the lesson.  The other option is to ask the classroom teacher to allow for more than five days of instruction.

Relationships Under Construction high school curriculum has eight lessons.  All eight can be implemented for the best results but if only five days are available use lessons 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8. You will find many uses for several of the lessons in both middle and high school. Sixth, seventh and eighth grade lessons are five days each.

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