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Florida Training

Earlier this month we had the opportunity to do a RUC Teachers Training in Sebring, FL.

What a great group at Choices PC, Sebring, FL. Know they will do great work with their clients and students in their schools. It is Always great to hear back from the students and teachers we are working with. Here are some recent comments.

9th grader: This program was highly informative; the way things were taught were appropriate and to the point. 9th grader: This class really helped me by giving me all the consequences of having sex before marriage. Now I feel like I am less likely to risk losing  everything.

9th grader: This was a good week and I think it is a good idea to let people know about these dangers.

9th grader: I liked this class because it taught me about the dangers of sex and how easy it is to contract one (a disease) .

9th grader: I have learned that having sex outside of marriage can hurt your relationship and it can mess up our life if you aren’t careful.

Thanks again to everyone who has attended our recent trainings and those of you who continue to support RUC.

Excited by all that is happening this school year!

Catherine Wood Relationships Under Construction 9918 Brewster Lane Powell, Ohio 43065 Office 740-965-2046

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