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On Marriage

It’s hard to choose the right spouse. There is an attraction between two souls and nothing anybody says will deter your hopes and plans. You might get lucky and pick a mate who has many friends. That’s ideal! A partner who has few friends can likely smother you with demands for your time and attention.

Once you are stricken, or even married, you have a job on your hands. It’s your job to extend praise upon this person. As long as it’s not too lavish, they’ll love it, and will probably respond in like manner. You’ll have to be kind and gentle, too. You’ll be getting favors in return and might not even recognize them.

There will be times when you must let your partner have his/her way. If you are big enough to do this, you’ll get your way a good part of the time, too.

There will come a time when your infatuation runs low. This is a scary time. Here’s what worked for me: When your spouse walks by, just say to yourself, “What a beautiful/handsome person this is! How lucky I am to have him/her for my very own.” It’s amazing what this can do for you!

Very important, too, is hygiene. Present yourself each day as if you were getting a visit from a dignitary. Keep clean. Don’t forget to wear a little perfume/after shave – just a little – and make sure they approve of its fragrance. Dress neatly and keep you hair combed.

Lastly, pray – apart or together – and let each other know you plan to be in Heaven together one day.

My wife and I were married nearly 50 years when cancer took my dearest friend and perfect mate. The things above worked for me. I sincerely pray that this approach works for you. God bless you.

Mike Bastian 1

Milo (Mike) J Bastian born July 25, 1931

Esther Janette (Jenny) Shenk Bastian June 24, 1929 – March 16, 2005

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